January 24, 2016

More Support Group Members Angry with CDEs

Alice sent out an email to several members asking what to do. She had a session that was to be about diabetes education and because she had converted to insulin the day before, she was looking forward to some education. However, she did not received any diabetes education because the person had a dual title RD/CDE with her.

Alice said they started out with carbohydrates immediately and she should be eating low fat and about 55 grams of carbohydrates per meal. Alice said the session was supposed to be on diabetes education and since they were not going to teach this, she was leaving and filing a complaint with the insurance company. Alice said she left with them laughing behind her and felt they would be doing this to more of our people if allowed.

Tim called a meeting for all that could attend.  Because of the extremely cold weather on the weekends we had canceled our January meeting on January 16.  It turns out that the weather for January 23 was to be warmer.

When the meeting started, Tim said we have a real problem with CDEs and they are out to create problems for our group. They have been bringing in dual title RD/CDE to avoid teaching anything about diabetes. To date, we have avoided the insurance companies paying for this lack of diabetes education when a referral happens for education. The point they are doing is switching to nutrition and trying to bill for time that belongs to Allison or Suzanne.

Tim thanked Alice for calling the insurance company to prevent them from billing for teaching nutrition and eventually they will give this up, but for now we will be sending everyone reminders to not let this happen, even accidentally. We as a group now have Allison and Suzanne approved for nutrition for all members. They work with us and do not insist on whole grains and a set number of carbohydrates. With them doing what we need, our group receives great nutrition advice and they work with the number of carbohydrates we want to consume individually.

Alan, another of the new members asked if someone wanted a registered dietitian, would we allow this. Tim said we don't demand this, but we encourage everyone to use Dr. Bernstein's “law of small numbers” to keep medications low and prevent problems. We don't follow his numbers exactly, but suggest using your meter and testing in pairs to determine what works for you. Many of us limit our carbohydrate consumption to 50 grams or lower. We have three that are using 80 grams of carbohydrates, but we know that works for them. Alan said he was checking, but he liked the lower number of carbohydrates and agreed with our suggestions.

Allen said that was okay, as we don't demand anything, but hope that everyone sees the value in what we suggest. Jason said we started out as a group of three and then doubled our number and have continued to grow. Jerry said that about 14 that were using his now ex-wife came over to this group and several went back to her, and we have two of them back after their A1c continued upward. That was a time when we had a few problems or growing pains and we learned from that.

Alice said she felt part of the group and was happy for the support she received for walking away from being taught nutrition by a dual title. She admitted that she was feeling better after asking questions about being hungry and being advised by several to increase the amount of fat in my meal plan. This solved my hungry problem in two weeks and now I am very comfortable with the food plan. Testing is a key and while many of us don't like purchasing some testing supplies on our own, it has been worth every dollar to have an A1c below 6 percent and nearer to 5 percent.

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