November 15, 2015

Why Can't We Joke About Diabetes?

This is a difficult topic for many people. Maybe I have too thick of a skin, as most diabetic jokes seldom get any emotion from me. Even some of the caustic remarks said to me won't get a rise from me. I generally ignore the food police or I hand it right back.

Why is it that people with diabetes can't develop a thicker skin? Over on A Sweet Life, there have been two blogs (one has been pulled) about how thin-skinned people can be about diabetes.

The blog that has been pulled was complaining about a remark made by President Obama and the comments all felt that the remark was not that offensive and was innocent enough. But, the author had the blog deleted. I could see both sides and either side was correct depending on what you were looking for in the remark. The blog author was highly incensed by the remark.

The second blog, which is still posted is a great post and shows that we should be able to laugh at ourselves. I would encourage you to read the blog by Melissa Lee as it could be the answer you need.

Yes, some jokes are cruel and insensitive and out of place, but others can be a lot of fun and we need to laugh at these. Plus, we need to be able to laugh at ourselves even with diabetes. If we can't laugh at ourselves, then we are the worse for this.

I can understand those that are newly diagnosed, not finding many things humorous and there is a lot of education that needs to be done for people to understand the difference between the different types of diabetes. I am not talking about the people with diabetes, but the general public and some doctors.

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