November 23, 2015

A Diabetes Website Still Getting Its Feet Wet

This website information came to me in an email from Craig Idlebrook. He is the Editor for both Type 2 Nation and Insulin Nation (I will leave this for you to explore on your own). The founder of the two sites, Chris Leach, passed away in 2013. The group in charge of the two sites (eps) currently does not have any other sites or publications. Insulin Nation started in 2012 and Type 2 Nation started in 2013.

Other people involved in the Type 2 Nation can be found here (scroll down for the entire list of the Team).  Several are well recognized in the diabetes community and the diabetes online community (DOC). This and other information about the website can be found in the pull down tabs near the top of the page.

The Home Tab features two of the other tabs – First Person and Recipes. Going to those tabs will get you more stories and recipes. I currently have problems with the sound system, so I am unable to explore Speech Enabled box in the near top right column below the search box.

The Treatment tab covers some of the problems of diabetes and while the blogs are short, they are very informative. Currently the Technology tab has two articles and needs more. The Weight Loss tab is articles about weight and covers a wide variety of weight loss topics.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being top rated, I could only give this site a 4+ as this site has only a couple of weaknesses and overall is strong.

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