October 5, 2015

Information on Monopolistic Health Organizations

When dealing with registered dietitians (RDs) and certified diabetes educators (CDEs) you will often be given bad advice. Not only is this true in the United States, but is full blown in Australia. At least others are blogging about this and letting everyone know about dietitians and how bad they are.

The dietitians in Australia, DAA (Dietitians Association of Australia) are really punishing one that advised a patient to eat low carb. Read this blog and then this blog. Apparently, it is against the law as stated by dietitians in Australia to promote low carb. Her dietitian organization, the Southern New South Wales Local Health District (SNSW Health), has removed her license and banned her from all dietetic activities.

As if this was not bad enough, we have Dr Darren Curnoe writing in The Conversation that there is plenty of evidence that humans have evolved to eat carbohydrates especially starches. Take the amylase genes which evolved to aid the digestion of starch either in our saliva or pancreas through secretion into the small intestine.” Associate Prof Darren Curnoe is based at the University of New South Wales. See the relationship? It is small wonder that the SNSW dietitian group heavily promotes carbohydrates.

I think those of us in the USA have an advantage as several court cases have stopped medical groups and others from running monopolistic and restrictive organizations. Read this - On February 25, the US Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s dental board violated antitrust laws by shutting down hair salons and day spas that offered teeth whitening services. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The decision preserves the power of antitrust enforcers to scrutinize professional licensing organizations, even if they are designated as state-government entities.”

Then with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Steve Cooksey was able to take the state of North Carolina and the Board of Dietetics and Nutrition to court on freedom of speech grounds, and with the assistance of the Institute of Justice have the court rule in his favor. With the Supreme Court case and this court decision anything put forth by the American Association of Diabetes Educators at the state level should be lost by the state CDE boards.

Therefore, I think if those of us that blog about diabetes and try to educate people about diabetes are put under the strain of criminalization by any CDE state board of diabetes education, we will have the law on our side. This means that the different meal plans (low carb or paleo food plans) are challenged by the AADE or AND, they will be dismissed.

This is good news and hopefully I will have more later.

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