October 2, 2015

Diabetes Is One of the Worst Chronic Diseases

Back in March 2012, I wrote this blog about the many ways that diabetes is worse than cancer. I have not changed my mind since and I feel that diabetes is one of the worst chronic diseases.

Some factors that keep rearing their ugly heads: (for type 2 diabetes)
  • Is doctors that haven't changed their attitude and blame patients for the disease.
  • Is doctors that threaten patients with insulin to get them to follow the oral drug route.
  • Is doctors that tell patients that they have failed if the want insulin.
  • Is doctors that leave insulin as the medication of last resort.
  • Is doctors that only believe that diabetes is progressive and don't support patients that want to manage diabetes.
  • Is doctors that will not screen at risk patients for diabetes.
  • Is patients that want to keep diabetes a secret.
  • Is patients that refuse to change lifestyle habits to help manage their diabetes.
  • Is patients that listen to the doctors above and believe them.
  • Is patients that feel this the twenty-first century and there has to be a cure.
  • Is patients that feel that a natural remedy is possible for managing diabetes.
Yes, both patients and doctors contribute to the problems we have today with diabetes. Many patients do end up with progressive diabetes because they refuse to properly manage their diabetes and for others, they become so discouraged by the guilt trip laid on them by doctors that they also do not manage their diabetes.

It is this unmanaged diabetes that leads to complications and often leads to an early death. This is why many of us that blog about diabetes try to convince people with diabetes that it is not their fault – not their fault.

We also tell people that they should live for today and manage their diabetes rather than living in the past and denial. Type 2 diabetes is manageable and often can be managed for many years without serious complications. Many people die of old age and natural causes before diabetes gets a strong foothold in their lives.

Most of us know that diabetes is manageable and we work to do this. The support group that I belong to works hard to show that diabetes is manageable. Yet, we are constantly meeting people that are like the patients in the list above and refuse to listen to us. This is when we become frustrated and have to wonder why people can be so set against doing what is best for their bodies, their lives, and their families.

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Michelle Grace- Civil Marriage Celebrant said...

So very true. I have managed my diabetes for almost 3 years on my own with no medication. I know it can be done. I only spent a total of around 5 months on medication so I could adjust and told my doctor when I was first diagnosed that I would get myself of medication within the first 6 months he didn't believe me but soon enough I proved him wrong...