September 17, 2015

Sources of Great Diabetes Information

It has been too long since I presented websites of value for those of us with diabetes can use. The last was back in February 2013.

I presently have a few links that I have found useful for me and hopefully you will find them useful for your diabetes living. This link is for a very good discussion on low carb/high fat meals. The website explains why this works and why you lose weight and stop losing when you reach your ideal weight. Many people are following this diet and seeing improvements in their cholesterol levels and some with hypertension improvement.

While this is part of a diabetes forum, it is at least a topic that they use. Not enough people follow the principal of “eating to your meter.” This forum combines this with several other of the sites in this blog for a well-rounded low carb/high fat meal plan and managing diabetes. This is important when you have to be in a hospital for an accident, surgery, or disease treatment, this is important to read. These give instructions that you should follow to minimize the damage hospitals or nursing homes can do to your diabetes management. This will help those not wanting to use low car/high fat or not believing in high fat to get started after diagnosis. As you learn that fat is not your enemy, the meal plan will come together to help you manage your diabetes. Don't fall for the toxic myth that you caused your diabetes by reckless overeating. This if often promoted by doctors that don't know better. People with diabetes often are seriously overweight; there is accumulating evidence that their overweight is a symptom, not the cause of the process that leads to Type 2 Diabetes. This will take you to the site and allow you to read more on diabetes. You may need to join the website to get to this. You can do this by using everything before profiles. This is one way to follow an author and in this case, it is David Mendosa. David is following a vegetarian style plan. I cannot because I like my red meat and dairy products. I have eliminated the processed red meats, but I like my well marbled meats and I would use lard if it was not for my wife who keeps it out of the house. Therefore, I use a lot of butter for cooking and use olive oil for some cooking. There are many terms we as people with diabetes often encounter in our reading and I have learned many of the terms out of necessity.

This is a two page listing of common medical errors and why.  Much is based on misread abbreviations and shows common misreading errors. 

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