June 19, 2015

What Is Happening at Joslin Diabetes?

Not only has Joslin Diabetes Center continued to (in most cases) shield the person writing the blog, but also they have moved away from much of the mainstream diabetes information and are concentrating for the last several months of promoting their own agenda and departments within Joslin. This makes me wonder if they are in need of more advertising because their patients are not finding value in the Diabetes Center.

Over the last month, many of the blogs have been repeats of prior blogs. Does this mean that the blog is on the way out and will shortly be disappear? I would not be surprised if this happens. It seems obvious that they no longer have employees willing to support the blog and are willing to write a blog.

I have noticed that many other hospital and diabetes blogs supported in the past by progressive diabetes centers are slowly disappearing or are losing the content interest they had at one time. Even the Mayo Clinic diabetes blog is heading downhill with many repeats and not being issued as often.

I used to find many blog ideas from these two sources and read them regularly. Now I look at them and often go on to another source. When I recognize a repeat, I now hit the delete key and the email is gone.

Could these blogs be a victim of 'less is more'? Or are they now low-value for the reader? I would have to answer yes to both questions.

With the internal changes happening in our nation's hospitals and clinics, much of the value in healthcare is disappearing because of time constraints as each person is working harder to reap more of the financial pie and pride is no longer a factor. What many of the hospital employees and other healthcare employees have not realized yet is the fact that the financial pie is smaller because the administrators are taking a larger slice of it.

Even many Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that are now required by law are also causing their employees the same problem because the ACO administrators are gobbling up larger and larger slices of the financial pie.

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Jane said...

Interesting observation Bob. I haven't been to the joslin site in a long time. I would have thought since social media is increasing that other medical organizations would step it up also. Your suppositions have a lot of validity; it probably is due to finances. It is sad though that even the Mayo clinic is reducing what they're putting out. I know I use a lot of Internet resources myself to understand many of my health issues.