January 1, 2015

Thoughts at Year's End

There are a lot of thoughts buzzing through my mind and I hope that I can put some of them into words.

Things in general are not moving as fast as many would like and I see this as well. We are seeing more advocates for the teaching of Ancel Keys speaking and conducting research to prove medium to high fat with low carbohydrate diets are bad for us and doing a lot of directed research to prove the teaching of Ancel Keys.

Most of us know that fat research done by Ancel Keys has been disproven and that we need the fat as part of our diets. Many on a high fat/low carb diet have improved their triglyceride levels and even have normal cholesterol levels. For more reading about this and that fact it is recommended for type 1 and type 2 people with diabetes, read this. Then read Dr. Kendrick'sblog about a recent article published in the British Medical Journal.

The biggest problem existing today is the dietary guidelines issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. Most of the guidelines are based on expert opinion and not true research. Not only this, it is impossible, as of yet, to find out who these experts are and if any science is used to support the dietary guidelines which are to be released in the year 2015.

This blog appearing in the Healthy Nation website is rather incriminating of the USDA, the American Diabetes Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. As well, they should as they are doing their research and with what they are learning from the Freedom of Information Act, they will have more to say about the dietary guidelines issued when they get answers to the requests they have filed. Please read the links in this paragraph for information. The Healthy Nation website is doing their research and trying to expose what is causing the rise in the obesity rate in the United States.

The use of terms such as medical nutrition therapy by the ADA and medical nutrition by prescription by Joslin is another way of promoting low fat, high carbohydrate meal plans and getting patients blindly to follow what they promote. I am learning that whole grains and the nutrients I am being told I am missing can be found in other foods and that I am doing very well without a lot of carbohydrates and am lowering the number that I consume.

The previous year has been very educational for me. I hope you have learned as well. I am hoping this year will continue to teach me more and that I continue to learn.

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