January 22, 2015

Taking Care of Your Feet

Every time I talk about this, I receive at least two emails telling me I am off base and I don't need to talk about foot care. If there were not amputations happening, then they might be right. As long as people continue to ignore their feet and amputations keep happening, I will consider this an important topic for blogs. Even our member Jerry is happier that his deepest foot ulcer is about healed. Yes, he is unhappy that it has taken this long, but he says at least he knows how important foot care is now.

I enjoyed writing this blog back in December 2012 and it has generated a few good emails. Yes, getting the correct fitting shoes is more important for people with diabetes, but I am amazed that many could care less until they get foot ulcers or severe heal cracks. I was very surprised when I saw one of our new members standing in line for her prescriptions in front of me. She was wearing slippers in cold weather with no socks.

When I asked her why she was not wearing shoes, she did recognize me and admitted that she had a deep heal crack and it hurt too much to wear shoes. I asked if she has been to the doctor and she said there was no need. I said you are too young to have an amputation and she should see a doctor as soon as possible. She shook her head as she was next to pick up her prescription. When I returned home, I called Brenda. I had to leave a message, as she did not answer. Early that evening, she returned my call and when I explained the activity of earlier, she said that I had got her attention and she had called when she arrive home.

Brenda said that she had taken her to her doctor and even he was surprised that she had waited so long. Brenda said he had some rather blunt words for her. She has been admitted to the hospital for at least two days to be treated and antibiotics applied on a schedule. They will use a dry skin buffer to remove dead skin near the cracks and then examine the cracks at the end of two days to see if more treatment in the hospital is needed. If not she will be sent home and will need to see her doctor every other day for a while since she had not cared for her feet. Brenda said she had agreed to transport her for a week and Sue would do the next week if needed.

Brenda continued that Sue was working with another new member that was having foot ulcer problems. I asked what is going on with people that they will not take care of themselves. Brenda said she does not understand this either and is thinking of asking for a second meeting this month. I agreed that this may be a good thing and I would back her up if Tim was hesitant.

An hour later, Tim called me and said we would have a Saturday meeting at late notice. He said Brenda and Jason will have the meeting on foot and wound care and they will have slides ready. I said I agreed on this topic as we apparently have others that are not taking care of their feet and we need to convince our members they don't need an amputation.

We will have our meeting on January 24, 2015.

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