January 17, 2015

Study on People Living with Diabetes and Kidney Disease

In an email from Laura Greer on January 16, I received information about this study. I took the survey, but did not qualify. I think this study may be of interest to some of my readers and they can take the survey here - http://surveys.thehennegroup.com/survey/intweb.dll/project/cawi/1416_DKD_CAWI

They have the phone number in the survey and I will give it to you - 415-348-2986 or 877.737.5782 x 286. Call this number if you have questions.

Time is limited and they will start conducting interviews in different cities in late January. They say that participants will receive $90 cash and a $10 Starbucks coupon for participating in the interviews.

NOTE: You must be accepted in the survey and have an interview to receive the money.

I do appreciate the notice that, “No attempt will be made to sell anything or influence their thinking, and all participation is confidential.”

If you know someone that may be interested, have them may call the above telephone numbers.

You may wish to contact them by phone before the survey as I completed the survey and may have answered one question incorrectly. I do have stage 2 kidney disease and did not have a question that allowed for that. I do not have chronic kidney disease or diabetes kidney disease and this probably eliminated my chances.

The website for the Henne Group is - http://thehennegroup.com/

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