December 20, 2014

Support for Other Bloggers

Every once in a while, something comes along that gets to you and gives you a swift kick in the backside. The eighteenth was one of those times, the person I respect was the bearer of the message, and he does not even know it until now. In his blog here about Dr. Bernstein’s diabetes university, David Mendosa said, “Medicine is finally coming around to recognize that carbs, not fats, are the enemy of diabetes...”

I often ignore statements like this, but recently I had a doctor ask me what type of food plan I was using. When I said low carb, medium to high fat, I did not receive the usual lecture about fats being bad, just an okay and with no gallbladder, be careful. That should have registered at the time, but I gave it no more thought until I was reading David's post.

On the nineteenth, I called the doctor and asked him why he had changed away from the lecturing about eating low fat. I about fell out of my chair at his answer. He said, “I am learning from my patients and more are going medium to low carb and medium to high fat.” He continued that if they were not afraid to tell me that, then what was I missing. He said I went on a search and found other doctors saying the same thing and then I came across several diabetes bloggers that were writing about this. The final convincing came in a blog a patient of mine wrote about an interview with Adele Hite. He said her reference to Dr. Eric Westman was the information I needed as I had been reading about some of his work and this sent me back to research his work.

I accepted this and decided that I had better listen to Dr. Bernstein’s diabetes videos or classes on YouTube. Yes, they were interesting and included some interesting American Diabetes Association history. This confirmed for me why the ADA is always behind the times and research. They are afraid of making changes and will only change when the preponderance of evidence forces the change. While I can agree that change is not always best, the ADA is way behind the times and seems to wait until many doctors have already made the change, then they claim the credit when they make the change.  He now has four videos posted.

Please take time to read David's blog as he makes some great points. I had wanted to comment on his blog, but when I thought more about it, I felt this blog would be better and I did not want to curb my thoughts.

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