November 25, 2014

Lessons for People New to Type 2 Diabetes, Part 7

“Go To” Diabetes Resources – These are some of the internet sources and written sources that I use and our support group uses. We always use these as a baseline for our learning experience. They are also a baseline for us to improve our diabetes management.

The First Year - Type 2 Diabetes, New York, Marlow & Company, 312 pages, by Gretchen Becker. I discovered this book within a month of diagnosis. It gave me information that I was not receiving from my doctor. Gretchen has type 2 diabetes and she gives the best definitions and reasons for controlling diabetes in non-technical language. Look for the Second Edition.

Most of our support group has read this book, but some of the new members are now reading. Her blog on Health Central is at A good general discussion on many topics and often we use this as a benchmark for making our decisions as the articles are generally in compliance with the ADA guidelines. This is a starting point for us to improve on. We like to follow David's blogs and Health Central blogs and we like using his site for some research. Some of his earliest articles are only found here. His blog on Health Central is at This was more popular when he was blogging five days per week and is still good for helping people that want to get off and stay off medications. This is a great resource for testing and information for the newly diagnosed. Later blogs are not as popular and he seldom blogs lately. For type 1 and type 2 diabetes - some of our group use this for research and most of us read the information for type 2.

Other miscellaneous websites that some of us follow for information: (All of our group follows some of them and some are more popular than others).

We also have other sources that we read and some variety as each person has his/her own interests. We do correspond among ourselves when we have something that others might have an interest in reading.

If you enjoy videos, then this by Dr.Anne Peters from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California should interest you. Below the video are 21 more videos, some are good and a couple could be better. Browse as you have interest.  You will have to listen to the advertisements to get to the videos. 


Gretchen said...

I'm working on a third edition of my book, and it should be out in fall 2015.

Bob Fenton said...

Thanks Gretchen, This is good to know.