November 13, 2014

A Reason to Consider a LCHF Food Plan

In the year since I had helped this person get her VA benefits and her original doctor had gotten her an appointment with an endocrinologist, we have stayed in contact infrequently until this month. Now she was seeking my assistance in avoiding statins as her cholesterol levels had taken an upward trend and her regular doctor has prescribed a statin. She knew that she could not avoid them as the readings for her lipid panel had jumped way over the upper limit and her triglycerides were way too high – almost 400.

I asked her what her recent A1c's had been and these were 5.7%, 5.5%, and 5.9%. Very good and gave no indication on why her cholesterol could have increased so dramatically. My next question was about changes in her food plan and what had changed there. The next email started with an Ohh, No, and she admitted that she had increased the number of carbs she was eating, but had thought with the amount of fat she was consuming that she would be okay.

I suggested that she continue with the statin and start lowering the carbohydrates she was consuming. I also suggested that she pay attention to the amount of protein she might not be eating. Then I suggested that she have her doctor refer her to a nutritionist for more balancing of her food plan. The next day I received an email from her doctor asking if I knew of a nutritionist as he did not and he knew I was not referring to a dietitian.

I called my cousin and asked her if she could do this. She said she would as another of our cousins lived in the same town and she was overdue for a visit. I gave her the doctor's email and phone number and she said she would call him. I sent my friend an email saying the doctor could be calling shortly with a referral and that it would be with a cousin of mine. Our emails crossed and she was letting me know she had an appointment for Saturday at her house. She was wondering why on the weekend and at her house.

I had just about finished a response, when I received another email. She was excited and had heard from my cousin by phone and why she wanted it at her home. She asked why I had not told her about a cousin (also a second cousin) that lived in her town. She was glad I had someone to refer to her doctor and even if it was a relative. She knew from my blogs that I had a cousin that was a nutritionist, but had not expected her to want to travel that far.

I completed my response and said that she was the only one I was aware of and I was happy that she was given the phone number to call her directly as I was going to have her call me and give me her my phone number so that I could set up a three way call. Now I did not need to and this was good.

I said that I was not sure where my other cousin lived, but knew she could be in the same part of the state. I have too many second and third cousins and am not sure where many of them live, as we haven't kept in close contact.

She answered that she would let me know how things went and would give my cousin permission to talk to me.

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