October 23, 2014

I Can't Believe a Diabetes Forum Banned This

Some background on this first. In one of my newsletters from the ADA, I received information about a meeting of the Diabetes Organizations and some patient groups with the FDA. There was a survey link included to take a survey probably designed by the ADA or FDA, but there was at least one area for open comments which I made full use of in laying out many things we as diabetes patients need.

This blog references a great blog by Scott Strumello, which alone is worth the read, and then gives the link for the survey. This survey should be considered important and be completed.

I realize that diabetes forums need rules. I did post a thread about the information and encouraging people to take the survey. Here is what I was told - “We cannot permit surveys of any kind, in part (the part that most applies to this particular survey) because there is no way we can verify their authenticity. Surveys can be, and have been, used for marketing research, student homework, or phishing.”

Okay, the forum has a blanket rule forbidding any post about surveys even one this important. For forum members, this forbidding of this one does little to help the members learn about dealing with the FDA.

I hope many of my readers that are residents in the USA will complete the survey.

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