September 9, 2014

Weight Loss Drugs May Not Be the Answer

Even with the algorithm from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the use of weight loss drugs is still not the blockbuster Big Pharma had dreamed they would be.

Obesity experts blame the poor sales of weight loss drugs on:
#1. Doctors' lack of training in how to treat obesity.

#2. Concerns about the medications' safety.

#3. A lack of insurance coverage.

The following are my additions to the above:

#4. Doctors' favoritism of surgery, including bariatric surgery.

#5. The costs of weight loss drugs, often in excess of $200 per month. It is hard to keep people on the drugs as long as 1 year due to price.

#6. Doctors' have this belief that 'willpower' is going to help.

#7. Doctors' are more likely to advise obese patients to eat less and move more, but diet and exercise, by and large, is ineffective for treating obesity.

#8. There are about 50 diseases (includes diabetes) that are caused by obesity. Doctors are happy to replace your knees, but this is not addressing the root problem.

One patient says that the weight loss drugs suppresses your appetite and food that you normally eat is lost when you lose your desire to eat it. The drugs can make you irritable and angry – changing your mood. Sleep can be affected because you are not able to stay asleep and are unable to fall back to sleep quickly.

Many people that undergo weight loss surgery are not properly warned about this being a life-long commitment and many regain the weight later in life and require more surgery

Losing weight when obese is a problem for many people and it seems there is not an easy solution.

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