September 19, 2014

Meeting on Helping Others

On Wednesday evening, eight of us were talking with Jerry and asking him questions. Jerry asked if this was something we wanted to do and the answer surprised him. We all agreed that if they needed help, then we should help them even if it meant opposing his wife.

With that Jerry gave us a list of names and phone numbers and said he would contact them first and ask them to come to a meeting but was not sure where as he had a list of twelve people that may need help. Tim said that we should hold it next week and asked Barry and Ben if they could handle that many. He was going to ask both of the women since the list included three women and nine men. Jerry said he wanted Allen there also as two others were veterans and two others may be as well.

At that point Tim said we have a meeting this Saturday evening and we should not involve them in that at this time. We will use the room for another evening next week and this would clear it and let everyone know. We discussed this to eliminate conflicts and settled on the Friday following our large groups' meeting. Jerry asked how many would be present on Saturday and Tim said he estimated over 90 people, all with type 2 diabetes. Jerry asked if they were all from our town. Barry said no, there was a group from a town east of us, a large group from a town north of us, a few from the town west of us and three groups from our town.

Jerry wanted to know how often we had these meetings. Tim said not that often. We had one on interventions in April and a second one in May and now the third this Saturday. We have had others, but we try to have our own meeting every month. We occasionally include the group that Dr. Tom leads and have had the same groups at various meetings. We try not having meetings during the summer, but sometimes there is a meeting.

At that point Max asked to show Jerry the mirrors for examining his feet and we agreed. When he had his shoes and socks off, A.J said it was time to remove the bandages and apply the medication. Jerry said this would let him see what the doctor had seen. First A.J started with the left foot and then had Max use the mirror. He then handed the mirror to Jerry and Jerry said that one does not look that bad, but he could see why the doctor was concerned.

Then A.J applied the ointment and then applied the new bandage. Then they removed the one on the right food and A.J cleaned the area. Jerry used the mirror and really looked and grimaced. He said that looking at directly like this is much different that holding the foot up and not seeing the entire ulcer. He waited until A.J had finished treating it and rebandaging. Then he asked Max how much it would cost and Max replied that it would be about $35 to $50 depending on which type he wanted. Max and A.J moved Jerry to his computer and Max had the page on the screen.

Jerry looked and decided on the one for almost $50. Jerry bookmarked the page and said he would order it later. I asked if he had a podiatrist that he saw. Jerry said he did not and asked me if Medicare and his supplemental insurance would cover this. Then he asked what they did. I said his Medicare and insurance should cover it, but to talk to his insurance supplier to check. I said that a podiatrist trims your toenails and files them to remove sharp edges, plus he will look for foot ulcers and sores you show him on your legs, if any. Max confirmed this and said this had served him well when he had his first start of a foot ulcer. It was treated immediately and he had no problems. Max said this was the reason for his mirror and he discovered his second ulcer start early and it was treated and gave no problems.

We talked for a while longer and then left with Jerry saying he would contact everyone on the list and invite him or her for September 26. Tim called after he was home and asked about my cousin taking part and I said this was something I was going to talk to her about for a second meeting and possibly a third. I said that I would be talking to her about Jerry and see what she thinks. I said if Jerry has a good experience, they may be more receptive to what Jerry says. Tim agreed and said go ahead.

The next day, I called her and she said she would be in town that afternoon and if I could set up a time at 7:15, she would have a talk with Jerry. I contacted A.J and talked to Jerry. Jerry said he could have trouble as his wife had already billed Medicare and insurance for his education for this year and probably for the others as well. I contacted my cousin and she said she would still see him and give instructions for the following year.

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