July 30, 2014

More on Sleep Apnea Home Testing

I would strongly urge you to have a talk with your insurance carrier before using any sleep apnea home test.

This is the only way to know what they will reimburse and to know if they want you to have a lab sleep study or if they will allow a home sleep apnea test.

I do not think my search has discovered all the home sleep test equipment or suppliers, but these are what I have found.

#5 - http://www.novasom.com/   This was covered in the previous blog.

I feel that all are FDA approved, but only numbers 2, 3, and 4 made mention of this on their website. I am not familiar with any of them since the two studies I had, were in a sleep study lab and I was hooked up to wires everywhere.

I personally prefer the lab sleep study, but I am aware of a few people that have use a home test sleep study kit. None of those I talked to could remember the name of the kit, but did say they were satisfied and were using a CPAP machine. Two of the individuals did comment that they had to have their machines adjusted twice after using them because the pressure was too low and they were still not feeling rested after using them for two or more weeks.

They all make claims that make me wonder. All are not very specific about how they handle testing or who owns the equipment. Some tell you that lab sleep studies cost as high as $2,600 when many sources say only $1,300. I know this varies by region and often by hospital. Home test kits seem to vary from $100 to $600 if they are telling the truth.

This is just another reason to talk to your insurance carrier before doing anything.

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