May 30, 2014

Time to Thank My Readers

I have been blogging for almost five years and I just realized that I have not actually said thank you. Thank you to my readers!

I include especially the members of our support group who supply me with articles from time to time and help with programs for our meetings. I appreciate the doctors that support their groups and have been very supportive of our group. Yes, we have been ask a few times why a doctor is not in charge of our group, but we say that we have a doctor that works with us and has his group that he works with and supports.

Dr. Tom has also affirmed that he backs us up and helps us when we find someone that needs a doctor. The support group he leads has supported us as well and we often attend each other's meetings.

I do appreciate those readers that make comments. I do wish I could remove the captcha to make it easier to post comments, but too many people just populate the comments with their computer-generated spam. I had it off for a few months, but when the number of spam comments became very annoying, I needed to reinstate it.

I also appreciate those that look on my profile page and send emails. I don't mind that some have been very negative, because most are appreciative of a blog and want to thank me for giving them sources to help them.

I also appreciate those that disagree with me when they tell me why as this can make for a good discussion.

I appreciate the readers from other countries, but I don't have the time to cover all the names of diabetes drugs approved in each country. I have been asked by a couple of readers to do this, but time is not available, even with being retired.

Thank you to all readers!

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