November 23, 2013

Presentation to a Group in a City West of Us

I have held this, as I was not sure I even wanted to show what could happen when things go badly. At the urging of Tim and a few others I am posting this after Tim had read it.  This meeting was on the third Friday.

This was an unusual meeting. I was the only person originally scheduled and one of their doctors refused to attend with the rest of our group in attendance. In a phone call, I was able to determine that the doctor did like others being part of the meeting.

Once the meeting started, a CDE objected to the topic and felt we were not presenting it properly. We had not distributed the email copies; therefore, at that point I stopped presenting. I walked over to their doctor and told him I would be stopping with the CDE constantly interrupting. He asked the CDE to take over. When she did, almost all the members got up and left. I told those with me that we would be leaving as well. The doctor leader of their group asked people to stay, but most said no and continued leaving.

I explained to our group after we were on our way home what had happened to the group originally and that I may have caused the group to disband a second time. This I did not like, but I have had problems with her before and I wanted no more of it. I said I don't like what happened this evening, but felt that the other doctor had set this up and that was their problem. I told the others that I would not be going back and would not participate again until the other doctor has been removed and the group is open to others or groups of presenters. I said, we have had success with other groups and I will not be part of a group that discourages presenter groups.

The following Monday, I received an email asking me to return. I said no and that I did not like being called out by a CDE who was not part of the group in the first place. The answer was that she had not been invited, but had shown up at the request of the second doctor who was not in attendance. I said that I was sorry, but I would not be caught in further conflicts that had caused the group to disband originally and if I had caused this, I would not be coming back.

Tim, our local doctor, and I stayed in touch as we expected further emails and attempts to have one or more of us back. The doctor in attendance and Tim had exchanged emails with the doctor there, we were concerned about why we have been very successful with some groups, and this group was difficult. Tim was surprised that the meeting had ended quickly and quietly. I told Tim that very few have an interest in CDEs and they were not willing to listen to one. I said the group of us had received approval and to have one doctor throwing a fit and getting the CDE involved may have disbanded the group.

Tim commented that this could be the case for our group, but he hoped we would be more polite. I said some may be, but I would be one to leave and do it promptly. I told Tim that even if it was one of my relatives, I would still leave. Tim asked why I would do that. I explained that until the AADE lowered to the bar, created a group for peer mentors and peer workers, and did not constantly push for their own line of education and making it exclusive to their members, I would not wish to have much to do with them and their poor attitude about people with type 2 diabetes.

Tim agreed that setting up education for peer mentors and peer workers would be a positive as long as the AADE did not make it too burdensome and discouraging for people to attempt.

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