November 28, 2013

A Different Thanksgiving

Yes, we normally give thanks on Thanksgiving Day. However, do we really think about diabetes as something to give thanks for? I have heard many people complain about diabetes. I am also aware of some (probably more than I realize) deny that they have diabetes and go off on those that have diabetes and are willing to talk about diabetes. I even have received a two emails over the last three years, telling me that I should not be blogging about diabetes.

The last sentence includes people that I believe are working hard to keep diabetes a secret. Why, because they are afraid of people stereotyping them because they may be overweight, have just received the diagnosis and are in denial. Or they are the complainers of the world.

We normally go through anger, denial, some depression, and finally acceptance of our diabetes. What we do next can affect our attitude and whether diabetes is something we can be thankful for and learn to take ownership in managing. I know in my own life, I accepted it early, but at about the three-year point, I went into denial for some reason along with a minor depression. I was fortunate that I had just remarried and had someone to get me back on course. I can't say that she handled my denial the best way, but it did make me realize that I could not continue to deny my diabetes. I had started adding back the pounds I had lost. I knew I needed to put a stop to that and the sooner the better.

Over the next few years, I would lose and gain the same number of pounds, but I had stopped adding to my weight. It was not until this summer that I have been able to bring my weight down a few pounds and not add it back and I will keep working on this goal for the next several years.

So even if some people will not agree with me, I am thankful for diabetes. I am eating more carefully than I have in many years and probably better foods for me. My intake of whole grains, especially wheat is about 90% less than in the past. I am aware that I could probably eat many different foods, but since my meter agrees with my choices, I am adapting and working to eliminate more foods. Some have come as a result of other health problems and even though one doctor is telling me to increase my whole grains and another is ordering me to reduce my fat intake, I have not found any medically sound evidence to convince me to comply.

Have a thankful Thanksgiving!

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