May 24, 2013

Doctors That Are Unable to Communicate

Ouch, double ouch! When doctors and others openly criticize others is a public arena, it often is not pretty. And one mistake does not another prevent. I have followed this discussion carefully after I first read it. Often I would have offered a comment as a patient, but for once, I listened to my inner self telling me not to go there.

I do not understand the total lack of communication by the blog author. This is very evident and several of the comments point this out. I do also have a concern about several unsaid things in the blog. Was the blogger doctor waiting for the PA (physician assistant) to make a mistake? In hindsight, this may have been intended as no communication was done

It is known that many MD's have no use for PA's or NP's, but to attempt to sabotage them or put them is a bad light is no excuse. With the potential shortage coming of primary care physicians, it would seem prudent not to antagonize other professionals even though you don't respect them.

This blog has led to many comments, twists, and turns. I think we need to look past this doctor's “qualifications” and her self importance to what was she really trying to accomplish in her instructions to the patient. Dinosaur MD had to know that the physician assistant was on duty and was planning what the doctor described in her tirade about the PA.

I must blame the MD for not knowing what she supposedly knew and ask why she did not admit the patient to the hospital for observation and ongoing medication. But knowing what she did know, decided this was an excellent time to show up the PA.

Her blog is well titled and especially the name she writes under. We need less dinosaur MDs and more communicative doctors that treat patients properly. When she sent the patient to the emergency department, she should have made a call to the person on duty and explained what was about to happen and the opinion of the hand surgeon and her thoughts. This would have been the proper procedure rather than backstabbing a PA.

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