January 26, 2013

The Longer You Have Diabetes the Higher are Cancer Risks

Shouldn't this also be the older you become the higher your risks for cancer become? In other words, I don't think this is groundbreaking research. This is part of life whether this researcher believes it or not. This study is so full of flaws it should not even have been published or even funded. To begin with increased urinary track cancer could have been caused by those using Actos, but this is not mentioned. In fact, all they were concerned about were individuals who were reported as being on insulin, which leaves prior oral medications with supposedly no effect on the increasing rate of cancer. Another example of our taxpayer dollars being wasted.

At least, “Dr. Li warned that caution is required in interpreting these results. "This is a population-based epidemiologic study. The findings are useful in hypothesis screening for the possible association between diabetes and cancer [but] should not be overgeneralized to clinical practice or individual patients."”

This is a good example of junk science and I will leave it there. I feel that you need to know this and that is the reason for the short blog.

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