January 12, 2013

Questions about Guest Bloggers

Recently I have had several requests from others asking to write blogs for my site. Some have come from the spam crowd, but most from legitimate bloggers and some businesses.

To answer this very simply, no, I will not allow guest bloggers. I may make an exception for those in the informal peer-to-peer group that I belong to. I do have one that has volunteered to help from time to time when I need to rest my right hand. This happened last summer when the doctor ordered me to stay off the computer. I did spend time doing research when I could. I needed to use my left hand to operate the mouse and type, but after a time became fairly proficient at it. The one member would type for me and post to my blog. He will not be writing material of his choosing unless he has a topic I agree with. He will also be using my computer.

There are one or two bloggers about type 2 diabetes that I would probably allow to guest blog for me, but they have not asked and are busy themselves. Others will not be allowed is as polite as I can be.

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