October 12, 2012

FDA Approves New Neuropathy Pain Drug

Get ready for a trip to the emergency room if you take this drug inappropriately. Also, keep this drug out of reach of children of any age less than 18. These warnings are necessary and very wise for a neuropathy pain drug just approved for use by the FDA. 

Other warnings can be found here and need to be taken seriously. For me, this will be one medication I will avoid if at all possible – FDA approval not withstanding. There are just too many potential risk hazards for me to be comfortable using this. The fact that this medication has to be doctor monitored so closely because of potential of addiction is another factor in my avoiding this medication.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved US sales of NUCYNTA® ER (tapentadol), a twice-daily extended-release oral analgesic for the treatment of pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The drug, produced by New Jersey-based Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., provides around-the-clock management for moderate to severe chronic neuropathic pain. Janssen says that it is currently the only opioid on the US market that has been approved for treating the condition.

I will continue to suffer with what I considerate moderate chronic neuropathy pain rather that use this medication. I will continue to use gabapentin, which alleviates some of the pain and is not a narcotic.

While this medication may work for some people, after reading the warnings accompanying the press release and then the FDA link above, it is not a medication I wish to consider. This medication also has great potential for being abused like other controlled substances.

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