August 9, 2012

Meeting and Working with a Dietitian

Under the present conditions, I would suggest reconsidering any appointment with a registered dietitian (with RD in the title). While I have some friends that are RDs, they know that currently, I still want them for friends, but do not bring up the subject of nutrition when we are together. One of my cousins who is a nutritionist, not a RD,and a member of another organization, does take particular pleasure in confronting me about the situation within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and how they will lose in the long run. I do think she is doing this to see how I react, but presently I just let her yammering go in one ear and out the other.

Yes, when we do get to the facts and what is in the news and other publications, we do have a spirited discussion. She has met some of our informal group, and she understands what we are doing. She did help one of the group (Allen) get a more balanced meal plan. Even he was surprised about how far out of balance he had been. She asked him to get a scale that he would use and for a week weigh his food and record what he was eating. Since he already had a scale that would work, he asked what we thought and we agreed that this could be an immense help for him.

The following week, she took the information, showed where he was weak nutritionally, and made suggestions to create meals that are more balanced or more balanced for the day. Not only did she give him suggestions, but showed him what the different suggestions could do for him per meal, but as well on a daily basis. He was in awe with the results and commented that he understood why the doctor had run so many tests. Then they both sat and went over the sheet she had prepared. A few adjustments were made and he said he was going to have to go to the grocery store. He also asked how to prepare some of the new vegetables that he generally did not eat. She actually listed different ways to cook some of foods and how to prepare some of them for eating raw. She then surprised even me and gave him her phone number to call when he had questions.

Yes, all of us present made some suggestions, but she kidded us that everyone likes a woman's touch – ooohhhh – ouch. We started kidding Allen about maybe not needing his supplements that the doctor had him taking. She stopped us immediately and asked which supplements. I said we needed to start at the beginning and she agreed.  Allen said he had been on Metformin for many years and one day had been asked by us if he was taking a vitamin B12 supplement or had been tested for the deficiency. He explained that his doctor would not do the test and Tim and I had gotten him to a doctor that I see where they did the tests and several others. Allen explained that he had a vitamin D shot and vitamin B12 shot that day. He explained what the progression had been to the current day.

Allen gave her the supplements he was taking per the doctor’s instructions and the dosage of each. She looked each over and said he had better ignore her suggestions for nutrition change until Allen and she had a chance to talk to his doctor. Then she asked how many of each supplement he had left and Allen stated that on some of them were just about out and he didn't know on a couple. She said that if possible, he should call the doctor's office and get an appointment as soon as possible. Allen called and received an appointment for the following Tuesday, and told the receptionist the reason. About half an hour later, the Doctor called and wanted to review the reason. Allen put the nutritionist on the phone and she explained the reason and what was transpiring. He asked if they could be in his office yet that afternoon. They decided they could, and they were off.

The following day, several more of us got together with the nutritionist and Allen was all smiles. My cousin said that was one of the best meetings with a doctor she had ever been involved in. She had grabbed a couple of books from her car before they had left and the doctor had the same books out when they were in his office. She said she had done some calculations on the way and that was what the doctor had wanted to see. Allen said the doctor was impressed that she had followed Allen's wishes and adapted a meal plan for each meal in the day and if one meal was short, the next meal compensated so that the day was balanced. Since Allen was still adjusting to insulin, the doctor was very happy that she had kept the number of carbohydrates down while still balancing the nutrition.

The doctor did agree with my cousin on holding some of the vegetables until Allen had exhausted the supplements and for them to go ahead if Allen was happy with what she had proposed. The doctor did want Allen to continue the vitamin D and vitamin B12 until the second appointment from now. Allen said his next appointment was in August and that would make the second in November and the doctor said he would order the tests for then and see where his levels were and make any adjustments then. The doctor, according to Allen, had said if he could work with the nutritionist, he should be good with the food supplying sufficient nutrients. The doctor said the tests would either confirm this or lead to more tests to determine if Allen's body was not making use of them in which case there would be a medical mystery to be solved.

Allen said the doctor had quizzed my cousin about her education and affiliation before going over the sheets that she had prepared. Allen was a little surprised that he had checked some of her calculations, but realized that the doctor had relaxed when he saw that his calculations agreed with hers. The doctor asked if she would be pushing the number of carbohydrates up later, and Allen said that he had been told only if that was his desire. My cousin said she told the doctor that she makes suggestions, but works at the ratio the patient desires and said that it would probably be five or six months in making, the transition to the ratio Allen wanted. She said that this would minimize the level of endotoxins.

Brenda, who did make this gathering, spoke up and said this sounded like what her daughter would say. Quick comparison of backgrounds revealed the same university, but members of different organizations. Neither is a member of AND and happy where they are members.

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