June 27, 2012

Hot!, Hot!, Hot!!!

Now I will find out if the advice I have handed out in the past saves me. The air conditioner decided to quit about 10 days ago and I have rounded up my cooler and put an ice pack in one end and my test trips, daily use insulin in the other end. Just can't see losing my test strips to heat or any insulin already in use. The fans have been cleaned and are all running.

The temperature is already at 93 degrees outside and is it near that inside. The refrigerator is stocked with cold water and I am staying hydrated. The prediction is 97 degrees today and with the humidity starting rise, the heat index is predicted to top 100 degrees.

I can feel sorry for several people that are not as mobile as I am and that don't have fans. I have provided one couple with two fans and made sure they are using them, have a supply of water and are still okay. If you are in the areas where the heat is becoming oppressive, I hope that you will check on elderly neighbors and do things that will help them survive this heat whether they have diabetes or not.


Ila East said...

When do you expect the AC to be repaired? Hopefully it won't be long.

Bob Fenton said...

I am told Friday PM, but I would not hold my breath. Things just don't seem to add up and information changes.