June 4, 2012

Article about Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Are we headed for problems in the field of nutrition? If the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) has their way, many people with chronic diseases will be worse off than they are presently. Those of us with diabetes will need to educate ourselves completely about nutrition to avoid the poor information that will be dispensed by those licensed by the AND. AND's former name was ADA (American Dietetic Association),

Currently in several states where AND licensure has been passed by state legislatures, nutritionists of all types are being force out of business. This includes, but is not limited to nutritionists having a PhD in nutrition, but other highly trained nutritionists specializing in other fields, but give out nutritional information. Am I endorsing all types of people giving out nutritional advice? No, but those that have a degree in nutrition should not be forced out of business just because they do not want to belong to AND.

However, this is what is transpiring in many states where the AND has gotten their licensure bills passed. They consider people not part of their organization as competition and are going after them with a vengeance unlike many of us have seen before. Yes, history shows that this has happened before in the medical community between different professions, but the bitterness this time is very bad for the registered dietitians (RD) and style in which the AND is attempting to end competition.

At least now several groups are fighting the efforts of the AND and their campaign to criminalize non-RD nutrition providers. These groups include the Alliance for Natural Health, USA, the American Nutrition Association, and the Weston A. Price Foundation. These groups plus other organizations are mobilizing their memberships and constituents to oppose the AND monopoly. Even consumers will lose the choice of nutrition professionals to choose from and where they wish to receive nutrition information.

If you do not wish to have policies from the American Diabetes Association, the USDA, and other government agencies that the AND follows and advocates, then you need to pay attention and oppose the actions of AND in your state. If you did not read my previous blog on the same topic, read it here and the links in the blog. Read the link for starting this blog here.

I know from correspondence with several people I consider friends in the current AND and outside, that some of them are joining other organizations where they will be able to practice nutrition outside the AND and one is retiring to avoid the squabble. A couple of current RDs will retain their membership in AND until such time as they are able to leave.

It is a shame that so much of the then ADA (American Dietetic Association) and now Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics licensure requirements was pushed through many state legislatures so quietly. Now the battle will be to have the laws repealed or changed to prevent the monopolization of nutrition. Check the licensure requirements for you state here,

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