April 18, 2012

No Cure Means Just That – No Cure

I had previously written this for publishing when I had need of something to post. In the last two weeks I have received five emails criticizing some of my blogs for being so critical of people seeking out cures. I did email them back telling them that I would be publishing one they may not appreciate as well. I also told them they should be more concerned about the blog I published Monday which would shut out some of the people they follow on the holistic side. It may definitely stop these people from giving out nutrition advice (the naturopaths and homeopaths).

There is not a cure yet or for the near term for diabetes. When people ask for the cure, they are told there is no cure. Disappointed when they hear this, many people still believe there is a cure in this day and age of advanced medical knowledge and think their doctor has missed something.

These people will do one of several things to satisfy themselves that there is a cure. They will head for the nearest health food store or store selling supplements, proteins, and body building products, and engage the sales people asking for something to help their diabetes. Alternatively, they will head for internet to find a cure.  They may talk to a friend or relative that has had success with herbal medicines and seek out that supplier. They may try two or all three of the above. In addition, there may be other sources they may seek out. They are desperate for the “cure” which they think their doctor is withholding from them.

These people will listen to almost anyone saying there is a cure. They become prime candidates for the shills to take their money for the “snake oil” these people are promoting. Now if the person is in the early stages of diabetes or has prediabetes, they may (emphasis on may) receive some minor assistance from the “snake oil”. If they take up exercise and change their eating habits to healthier foods, they just might succeed for a while. By healthier foods, I am not talking about whole grain foods although this is what the American Diabetes Association talks about and the American Association of Diabetes Educators promote as well as the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics.

Sooner or even later, diabetes will gain a strong foothold and they will be back to the snake oil salespeople who will gladly take their money. This time the snake oil will have not benefits and they will continue to develop complications because they are unable to manage their diabetes.

Some will continue to search for a cure and go from one snake oil sales person to another. Others will finally realize that their doctor was right about there not being a cure, go back to traditional medicine, and get the medications that will help them manage their diabetes. Now they have more to manage as some complications will be there and other problems may be on the list as well.

In the last three months, I have deleted three promotions for snake oils and two emails asking me to promote the cure they had discovered. Since I know better, I just press the delete button and do not put up with these “snake oil” salespeople. And no, I will not list the URLs, as I do not want to give people looking for these sites a source.

I generally avoid most health-food stores and stores promoting strength and health products. Recently I thought it might be time to review pricing and see if the price I pay for Vitamin D3 was reasonable. As I entered the store, I could see several people looking in various areas and three salespeople. After looking for a comparable product, I knew price comparison was not possible. I found what I was looking for and that they only carried Vitamin D2 and in capsules of 5000 IU and 10,000 IU. The quantity was the same as my 2000 IU D3 but the price for the 5000 IU was well in excess of five times what I was paying. None of the containers displayed a seal of quality or good manufacturing practices seal.

As I turned to leave a salesperson attached to me asking what I was looking for or if I was looking for something for a specific health problem. I avoided answering, but the salesperson was persistent. So I stated I had found the answer I was looking for and would be leaving the store. The salesperson blocked my way temporarily asking what health problem I was treating. I carefully said I am trying to avoid having an anger moment about an overly aggressive salespersons, and left. I will give this store a wide berth when in the mall again.

Next, I went to strip mall and stopped by a family health-food store. I found the section for vitamins and other supplements. They had both Vitamin D3 and D2, but the quantity size of the container was less than I usually purchase, but the price was about five cents a capsule higher than I have been paying. This completed my research on prices and let me know I was purchasing from the right place. Since this store and my usual place both carry brands displaying the right seals of manufacture and quality, this also confirms my time spent for price comparison.

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