March 5, 2012

When Is AACE Going to Update Type 2 Sources?

The AACE has removed the AACE/Takeda Link

On September 27, 2011 I blogged about AACE/Takeda web site being operational. This was a good thing because it would provide us with reliable sources for diabetes information. Now we are about five months later and no additional sites have been added to the original list. This makes me wonder what is happening at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

I had thought that this could be an excellent site to give people much good information about diabetes and give people comparisons for many of the snake oil web sites full of false information. Apparently, the AACE does not agree. Why else would it take so long to post sources that are reliable? Even the addition of a few sites per month or even every other month should not be asking too much. Unless they have to completely approve a site beyond the committee of experts.

If they are not going to approve any more web sites, why will they not say so? First, I would doubt that they have exhausted the reliable sites. There are many sites that I seriously doubt will able to satisfy their stringent guidelines, but this still leaves many that can meet their requirements.

If there are no more sites that meet their requirements, certainly they have a host of web sites that could fit under some category that lists the weakness of the sites. To have waited five months from the announcement of the site to its debut and now another five months without any additions to the original list of approved sites is very disheartening.

If you are looking for good sources, I suggest joining Google+ and adding Dr. Bill Quick (Bill Quick) to your circle. He is listing a “D” site at least five days a week and they should be reliable. He does cover the types of diabetes in the sites he lists, so it is not a listing for one type of diabetes only.

Another good source of information on Google+ is Scott Strumello. He posts links to much good information and especially for type 1 readers. He covers a variety of topics and does include the occasional tidbit for type 2.

Therefore, if you are like me and tired of the pace of the AACE in posting approved web sites, explore and read carefully. There are many good sites available that AACE and their snail's pace may get around to listing sometime in the distant future.

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