February 21, 2012

Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar Is Not a Rose

Apparently, the makers of apple cider vinegar are increasing their pressure to push the topic of vinegar into the news and increase their sales. Prior to this, it seemed to happen only once a year, but it is only 7 months since the last barrage of vinegar articles and blogs. My guess is they did not sell enough from last fall's crop and that is the reason for the early push.

At least 54 percent of physicians who answered the survey say they will not promote vinegar to diabetes patients. Only 9 percent are claiming to promote vinegar and the rest are considering mentioning it. As more complete the survey, the numbers may change.

When you read the article here, please click on the references to see that Carol Johnston, PhD from Arizona State University, Department of Nutrition is the primary source of information. After you have read this article, you may want to read my tongue-in-cheek blog about this in June of last year.

What surprises me is the number of studies listed that were done with healthy subjects that did not have diabetes and they expect us to believe that people with type 2 diabetes will have long-term benefits from vinegar.

The more I see published about vinegar, the less I enjoy reading the drivel they want us to believe. Now getting Medscape to publish an article about it shows the desperation these people have to promote vinegar. The Obama economy is hurting everyone.

Sorry folks, it just the way I see this issue.

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