December 14, 2011

Exercise Is Good For Your Diabetes Health

I know that you are seeing this topic more and more often and I think you can stand another dose. If you think you have it tough, guess again! The gentleman that I wrote about in this blog is doing very well and loves to exercise. He has regained almost full use of his left leg over the summer and is looking forward to this December as the doctor is now convinced that the operation on his right leg is worth the effort.

Although he had been told originally that he would be confined to a wheel chair, he has proven those doctors wrong. Granted he is still on crutches and still uses his manual wheel chair, he now has hope for not using or depending on the wheel chair in the future.

This blog is about the exercises that people with different diabetes complications can accomplish and should provide possibilities. The key is talking with your doctor and getting his/her input about what you want to do. The link within this blog (repeated here) to the Joslin blog discusses exercise for those with diabetes complications. The author also repeats advice and has some excellent suggestions.

So rather than remain sedentary, consider exercise. Find what you can do daily, enjoy, and start exercising. Being sedentary will only assist diabetes in its control over you. Moving within your limits can only help and make your management of diabetes easier.

If you have no limitations, then not exercising should not be an option. Always discuss your plan with the doctor and then find something that you can enjoy even if it is only walking. Find a walking partner or if you have children that can keep up with you, get out there!

More on exercise appeared on the Joslin blog September 23, 2011 for those that are able to exercise and have little or no limitations. They have taken information from several recent studies and are emphasizing interval training. This means high intensity activity for a period followed by low intensity activity. It is a good read but mentions nothing about resistance training verse aerobic exercise.

The big reference they gave us is this link to many more discussions on exercise. These tip topics are for both type 1 and type 2. Included are some good do's and don’ts about exercise for people with diabetes.

To assist you with your choice and show that running or intense exercise is not for everyone, read David Mendosa's blog of October 4, 2011. I like his style. Exercise needs to include everyone.

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