December 7, 2011

Are You Using Supplements for the Right Reasons?

Are you using supplements for the right reason? Many do not and take a cocktail of supplements based on what the salesperson says. This can lead to over taking many of the supplements and creating a toxic effect when the supplements are not needed. Think about it for a while and decide if you are on this path.

The promises of the salesperson and claims on the packages are not the reason to be taking them. We all know that there may be a temporary energy boost, but this will not last long. The supplements will not help with weight loss, reduce stress, or reduce wrinkles. Yet many people take supplements for these reasons and spend money for pie-in-the-sky reasons.

Experts agree that there is a proper place for vitamin and mineral supplements to fill gaps in our nutrition. They should not be used to take the place of real food because they will not replace other important nutrients we obtain from eating healthy meals. Yet it is common knowledge that may people do this and can create other shortages in their diet that real food can meet the needs for and fulfill.

This blogger has the right attitude about supplements and rightly believes in obtaining supplements in their natural state from food. Supplements cannot replace every nutrient and benefits of whole foods. Supplements are meant to do just that, supplement gaps occurring in your diet. It is best to obtain your nutrients from food first and fill the gaps with supplements. A pill does not contain the phytochemicals and fiber necessary that eating whole foods can supply.

Learn that your doctor does many tests to see which essential nutrients you are not getting in the foods you eat. By obtaining copies of your lab tests and tracking them, you will soon learn which supplements to add to your intake and avoid those that have little to no benefit. We all need to keep the levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D and Vitamin B12 at proper levels and your doctor can help determine these with the proper tests. You may need to have a long conference with your doctor as many do not see the value in any supplements and will tell you not to take them. This is where research on the internet may become necessary for some of them.

Beyond filling in gaps, other studies have demonstrated that supplemental vitamins and minerals can be advantageous. However, the exact benefits are still unclear as researchers continue to unravel the potential health benefits of vitamins and supplements.”

If your doctor agrees that you need supplements, remember to take them. They can do nothing if left in the bottle. Set up a daily routine for taking them and follow it. Remember too if what the salesperson or the packaging advertising says is something that is too good to be true, it probably is. You should avoid those making unrealistic claims. Expect only what it would do for you if you were eating sufficient quantities in your food, not what people want you to believe to make a sale.

Take time to read the WebMD article carefully as it has some pointers not included above.

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