November 17, 2011

Does Prediabetes Mean Eventually Diabetes?

At least this one subject I can understand and partially agree with the answer given to a prediabetes question. Granted there are some terms that need better definition. This doctor missed a golden opportunity to give a great answer instead of the partial answer.

The question is does prediabetes mean that diabetes will follow. First, the answer that many people do not want to hear. If you do nothing and do not manage prediabetes, it will progress rapidly to type 2 diabetes. That you can count on.

If you take the doctor's answer, you may be able to delay type 2 diabetes for a few years if you do not let denial take over. The doctor talks about making lifestyle changes that can significantly delay or even prevent type 2 diabetes. The answer then goes on to suggest a five to ten percent weight loss. He does explain that this means about 30 minutes of exercise daily and eating healthy meals.

In describing healthy meals, he says nothing about doing any blood glucose testing to see what the food you are consuming does to your blood glucose levels. Then the answer becomes lopsided and the meals he is suggesting becomes very agenda oriented. The agenda excludes any red meat and foods containing any cholesterol. The mantra of egg whites, soy, and whole grains sounds like the American Diabetes Association mantra.

The suggestion of vegetables and fish for foods is acceptable, but do be careful of the quantity of fruit and soy or soy products and especially whole grains. The soy and whole grains can be an overdose of carbohydrates which will undue the benefits of exercise and may well cause weight gain. He says nothing about avoiding highly processed foods and educating yourself to avoid or severely limit potatoes, rice, and bread.

Final suggestions include quitting smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation if you drink and reducing stress to assist in managing your blood glucose levels. The doctor again partially covered the at risks from prediabetes. He mentions heart disease and stokes, but fails to mention any of the other complications that can or may occur in prediabetes. These include kidney damage and eye and hearing problems. Since these vary greatly from one individual to another, it is still wise to know the symptoms and solutions.

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