October 10, 2011

We Need You!

Are you looking for a place to discuss diabetes and the related diabetes complications? Are you also looking for a place if you are outside the English speaking community and would like to increase you knowledge and usage of the English language?

If so, why not join MyDiaBlog.com (the site is no longer on the internet) and participate in the discussions. We have room for you. We do not allow automatic membership because we try to protect the site from those who would misuse it and spread misinformation. We also do not want advertising or spam messages. We try to prevent them from joining and if they do find a way in and then misuse our trust, they will be deleted.

We try to limit our discussions to the topics at hand and already part of the site, but if you do not see something that you would like to discuss, ask an active moderator to set it up for you. We may be able to direct you to something already established. Try to complete as much of the information as possible as this helps us determine who you are.

If you are unsure at the start, do not be afraid to look around and become acquainted with the site. Do not worry about your English, as we will ask questions if we do not understand. As far as diabetes is concerned, we have people that have most types of diabetes or they would not be on the site. We have been through the full range of problems and someone should be able to help you, or get help for you.

We are not doctors so we can only use our personal experiences and give you support and encouragement in a positive manner. We make suggestions and urge you to consult with your medical people if you have a problem that needs solving quickly.

Many of us are Americans or from other countries that speak the English language from around the world, so much of the advice will be from these countries, but we may have members from your country that can assist as well. Do not let the fact that Americans only have one system of measurements and the rest uses a different system. There are conversion charts and programs to help and all you need is to ask.

If you have questions, I can also be reached at the email address on my profile page by clicking on “View my complete profile”. I will do my best to answer questions by return email. On the site, we do have a few languages that the site can be translated into, but they are European languages.

We would like to have you (my readers) as an active member of MyDiablog, so please consider this.

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