October 3, 2011

Maggots May Help Diabetic Wounds

I have to be amused every time I see another article on the use of maggots. No, there is nothing wrong with using them and since their use has been around for centuries, why all the fuss. Just use them and quit making a big deal about it. Yes, I know that our MRSA infected hospitals and newly trained doctors have a revulsion to their use, but be realistic. We need this type of maggots for some wounds, especially on people that refuse to manage their diabetes. If physicians can be open-minded and catch these wounds early, maggot treatment will often prevent the dreaded amputation.

The writers of this press release just do not get it. Maggots will not heal a wound. Even the researchers should know this, but apparently, they want to have people think this. What the maggots do is clean the wound of damaged tissue, which then will allow for faster healing. This is how it may help, but maggots healing a wound – never.

This small study is just another attempt to gain funding and have more studies. I say let them have the funding if it will finally convince our physicians of the value of the treatments. I know, I know, the physicians have to have the approval of the FDA – oh really. Some of these physicians ought to have to travel in some of the remote parts of Africa where medical people have not been and see people treat wounds with maggots there. It is amazing what these little creatures can accomplish. And believe me, conditions there are not sterile and the rags used to bind the wounds do not compare to the MRSA sterility of our hospitals.

Before I get totally carried away, please read this article, my blog, this bit of history, and this article. I have to have a little tongue-in-cheek fun once in a while.

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