October 28, 2011

Alarming Trends in Diabetes Research

When I first read the blog of September 21, 2011 by Tom Ross, I thought this is funny. Why would he write something like that? Okay, I thought he was out in left field – way out. However, as I have read many press releases since I read that, I find that a good number do fit or nearly fit the mold as he proposed it.

So I should not doubt Tom? I would have to say in hindsight that he is right. I am finding that some things do fit well within patterns or at least certain parameters and many of the press releases seem eerily alike and fit Tom's example.

This is almost as disconcerting as small studies that are hyped and really give no meaning to the overall education about the topic. Many are done just to be hyped and obtain funding for more studies. So occasionally I will find a small study that peaks my interest, but most that I come across just are filed for the future when some real studies are done involving many more people.

Now as I come across more studies that fit the mold that Tom Ross has described, I file them as well and will wait to see if further studies lend any credence to these studies. Live and learn is a good rule to follow in learning and researching about diabetes.

This is one reason that I read Tom' blogs. There are educational tidbits to be gleaned and often applied, at other times I like his humor, and then there are topics which hit home (even after the fact), and generate topics for me.

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