September 5, 2011

When Will Cardiologists Learn – Eliminate Wheat

I am happy that cardiologists are investigating alternative ways to lower blood pressure, but most are not considering the elimination of modern wheat from their patient's food. The good thing, and a big step in the right direction, is that they are investigating ways to help patients instead of automatically prescribing statins or other medications.

John Bisognano, M.D., PhD, and Kevin Woolf, M.D., a cardiology fellow at the University of Rochester Medical Center, conducted a comprehensive review of the evidence behind a wide range of non-prescription drug interventions for the treatment of high blood pressure. The review is featured in the September issue of the Journal of Clinical Hypertension.

One of the best statements made is this one – Quote Woolf said” “There is not enough data to recommend any of these alternative options on a routine basis, but on an individual basis he thinks they are useful. Patients have different backgrounds and different approaches to living their lives. This is where the art of medicine comes in; getting to know patients and what they will and will not embrace can help physicians identify different therapies that suit their patients' habits and that will hopefully make a difference for them." Unquote

If only more physicians would see this and do this to help their patients. If physicians got to know their patients and what they will or will not embrace, they just might learn how to become better physicians. While most cardiologists will not listen to the the ideas put forth by cardiologist Dr. William Davis, you should take time to read this blog (link now broken) and search his blogs for more information about high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose.

Dr. Davis has had some wonderful results in his efforts to reduce these and most revolve around the elimination of modern wheat from our diets. Dr. Davis has many blogs about wheat and what it does to our bodies. His book “Wheat Belly” is an excellent book and you should read an excellent review in this blog by Tom Naughton.

Read this article for the supplements, herbal medicines and other ways reviewed to improve high blood pressure.


Justgeo1 said...

I think all processed carbs need to be controlled to aid everyone, not just those of us with diabetes... I can't say I'd eliminate all wheat products, but I'd eliminate all the over processed foods.

Bob Fenton said...

You are correct for all processed carbs. For those of us that don't have celiac disease, we can probably survive without eliminating all wheat products, highly processed or otherwise. I am striving to eliminate most wheat products. Since I have eliminated all soy products, that has helped as well.