August 20, 2011

Is Your Bologna Named Diabetes?

This may not be fair, but when I read the title of this article, all I could think of was Tom Naughton and his funny picture with his mouth stuffed with what looks like eight pieces of rolled bologna. His motto is what keeps me coming back. Enjoy yourself here reading Tom.

The article is not as funny and is written with a clear agenda to stop people from eating red meat. The first statement which I find valid is that processed products such as bologna and hot dogs can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. It also says that the risk is increased by almost half. Then it takes off on getting your protein from other sources such as nuts, whole grains, and low fat dairy and that this will have the reverse effect.

All of this may have some scientific basis, but I prefer to get much of my protein from unprocessed meats, whether beef, pork, or poultry. This article is clearly not written for me, but is written for anyone that will not eat red meat and may or may not be vegan.

So while I thought the title was something I could relate to, the agenda is definitely biased against all red meats – processed or unprocessed. My guess is that this is definitely a bad science study and the conclusions are engineered to put the message out that they were looking for and wanted to promote.

Another study finds that processed meats are still on the hot seat and increase the risk for stroke or death, but the evidence for unprocessed red meat is not as strong. You may read this study here.

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