June 27, 2011

Are You Enjoying Summer with Diabetes Yet?

Now that summer is officially here, are you ready to enjoy it. If you are doing some traveling, do you have the proper supplies and information you may need? Hopefully this will give you some help and resources for additional help.

First, know what to do to take care of yourself first. People often remember their supplies, but forget about taking care of themselves. What type of trip is it? What means of transportation will you be using? These help determine the actions needed to take care of yourself.

If it is on an airline, sorry you will need to purchase the expensive water after you have cleared security. Transportation Security Authority (TSA) is unrelenting on this. Just make sure that you can have enough water to stay hydrated while traveling, but not so much that you wear a path in the isle carpet from your seat to the nearest lavatory on the plane.

For all types of travel, your diabetes supplies should be in your carry-on case (preferably one that will fit under a seat). I suggest having extra prescriptions with you and a letter from your doctor on the doctor's letterhead spelling out the medications and supplies you are carrying and the medical necessity for the supplies and medications.

If you are traveling by train, you may be able to carry your water supply, but I am not totally sure just how restrictive they are. Make sure that you carry your diabetes supplies with you regardless of the type of ticket you travel on. If you travel by bus, make sure that you carry enough snacks and water to last for the trip or until you can again purchase additional.

If you are traveling by auto, then you should know how to travel. Read an excellent post here for other ideas and needs whether you are a person with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. I would also encourage you to consider following the link to FRIO case in the blog or use this link. These are handy cases or packs for everyday use as well as travel. I have a couple of different sizes and use them regularly. There are many tips for women and traveling necessities.

Also read this article by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about precautions in travel for people with diabetes. This is another good resource for information.

Enjoy you summer, your travel, and recreation time!

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