April 4, 2011

Summer Increases Risks for People With Diabetes

This is so important. Articles are starting to appear about the dangers for those of us in the northern hemisphere that have diabetes. A lot of the normal sources are dusting off the prior years blogs, articles, and press releases to put out the word. All this is done for a good reason – many people forget lessons learned in prior years and there are new people that have been diagnosed and don't know the dangers.

It is easy to understand why this came out of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. It is getting much warmer there now, but it will soon spread north to the rest of the northern hemisphere. The tips given are important and need to be heeded.

Because many people new to diabetes are not aware of the dangers, any advice about the dangers of heat and dehydration is good for people with diabetes (please read about heat stroke in my six blogs starting here). Also people need to protect their testing equipment (meters and strips) from the extreme heat and not store them in direct sunlight as this will make them useless. Also included is the medications (pills and/or insulin) that should be stored in cool packs (Frio packs) and not left in direct exposure to the sun. Frio packs can be found through many sources – just use your search engine and enter “Frio packs”.

I encourage you to read some of my previous blogs which can be found here about summer heat and taking care of yourself. Planning for the spring and summer heat and dangers can save you time and prevent lost money when you have to replace equipment, testing supplies and medications accidentally left in the direct sunlight or a vehicle out in the sun.

I also encourage you to read this article from the Mayo Clinic, Arizona.

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