March 18, 2011

Do You Feel Guilty About Diabetes?

Are you buying into the myths often laid on us by the medical profession, friends, and family? This is easy to do, but you must not. First, understand that diabetes is not your fault. I have said this before and some need a constant reminder of this. Then be sure you are living in the present as the past is exactly that, the past.

Being able to manage diabetes is now your goal. This is a task that requires attention 24/7/365. There is no vacation and this does present challenges for some. There can be good and bad times, as well as days that can be planned when you can treat yourself to some relaxing time.

People with Type 2 diabetes often give up for several reasons. Often they are tempted and do give in to these temptations. Others get discouraged because they don't obtain the results the doctor had told them to expect. Some believe in the myths about diabetes and therefore do not challenge themselves to do many things that may help them in their management of diabetes. Still others do not follow the instructions of the doctor and wonder why they are not getting better.

A difficult truth for many is there are few people with Type 2 diabetes that can measure their results to another person's results. Therefore, you must become your own science experiment and find out how your body reacts to different foods, different medications, and different levels of exercise.

If you are looking for other views, two bloggers have something to say. David Spero has a blog here about this subject. And Pine Pienaar has has other suggestions here.  (The last link is broken - no fix found.)  They both have good points and I enjoy reading both.

If you have gotten past the initial shock, anger, and denial, the next step is gaining the knowledge you need to manage diabetes. There are many excellent books and web sites available that can give you much good information. Just a word of caution, there are some very unreliable websites that promise cures, but they are after your money and will promise most everything to get you to pay it over to them.

There are many studies out that criticize many of the sites for their unreliable and misleading information. Just use extreme caution and I have many sites listed in other blogs. A few are blog 1, blog 2, and blog 3.  When you find something you like or that you find useful, bookmark it to have it for reference. If something does not work for you, discard it and move on. Occasionally some ideas will work in the future.

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