February 18, 2011

Cook to Resolve Your Food Issues

I guess that I was very lucky when my first wife died of cancer. The last several months of her life, she worked on getting me to cook, yes, simple dishes and when I complained about them being tasteless, she told me to get a certain cookbook and do some reading that she selected. I used a post-it to mark the section on using herb and spices and still refer to it.

No, I don't do as much cooking as I am remarried and my wife loves to cook. But I still love being in the kitchen. I am learning other things now, like doing the dishes without a dishwasher. No this I learned on my own after I sold the house. I do help with chores and some food prep, like chopping vegetables in various sizes.

This article in WebMd is very good and should be read by anyone that does need to cook and has not learned to cook. If you have started, this is still good. It has a list of kitchen tools. I have that and a few more, but the best tools are an excellent set of knives for the many uses. I seldom use the food processor and it sits. I do have a very small processor for onions and a few other foods. Yes, I will not do more than cut the onions to fit in the processor and then let it do its magic – mostly on the pulse mode.

Doing your own cooking is very important as it allows you control over the foods and lets you do what is necessary to limit sodium (salt) and the amount of cholesterol that you eat, to say nothing of sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup (now renamed corn sugar) that you can keep out of your foods.

While many people detest cooking from scratch, it is the most healthy and rewarding. I have not made bread for several years, but I am rereading about this and may do this again. I will not be using wheat, rye, or oat flours. This is why I need to do more reading.

Another good source of information is a blog by Amy Campbell.   Select the year to read many excellent blogs on cooking. They may not be specific enough for those of us with diabetes, but there is much information that can be adapted quite easily. She runs many series for four to six or more blogs about the same topic and then starts another topic with a sprinkling of other excellent ideas mixed in for good measure.

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Gran said...

Good article, Bob. I like cooking, and buying new kitchen gadgets (I just bought a new knife that I love). Hope you are well.