January 6, 2011

National Action Plan for Alzheimer's Disease is Law

Well it was bound to happen. President Obama signed the National Alzheimer's Project Act (NAPA) into law on January 4, 2011. This provides Alzheimer's disease with its first national plan to fight the disease. According to the author this was needed to abate the threat to bankrupt the US healthcare system.

I thought from all the press about diabetes and the rate of diabetes increase, that diabetes is what will bankrupt our healthcare system. I am happy for the Alzheimer's Association as this is a big step in finding ways to stop the spread of Alzheimer's disease and I do not want to belittle this accomplishment.

Now, if you will permit me, I need to rant about the American Diabetes Association and their lack of getting anything similar done. I don't know how we as patients are going to be able to influence the leadership of the ADA to do something similar, but I feel there is a need and it is long past time that someone lit a very hot fire under their backsides.

It seems that if they are doing any lobbying, it is very ineffective and they are spending the money in unproductive activities. It seems to me that the powers of ADA are more interested in anything other than getting the recognition on a national or even world wide basis. Otherwise, we should be seeing more activity and be reading more press about the accomplishments of the ADA.

Thank goodness, the International Diabetes Federation seems to have more interest and is working with governments around the world to put forth the need for diabetes recognition. This is a lot harder than working with one government. So to the ADA, I issue a challenge to quit being so sedentary and start accomplishing something which will bring more press to diabetes.

So before I forget it, please read the short article about the Alzheimer's plan here. Wish them well and start working on ADA to get something accomplished.

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