December 20, 2010

New Vitamin D Standards

Once in a while, I seem to do something right. When the first information came out on the new standards for vitamin D from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) I wanted to scream. To me they seemed to be missing the point and I thought maybe I should not write about this and set it aside. Now about three weeks later, I am glad I did not throw this reference away.

After reading several other blogs by doctors, I know as a patient that I am not out in left field for wanting to believe that many people that I like to read their blogs could not be wrong for as many years as they have been doing this. So hopefully I will not mess this up in the explanation.

First, I have been reading David Mendosa for several years and he is not bashful in recommending high quantities (International Units - IU) of vitamin D. He does tell people to find their own levels and not necessarily follow his example. Several others who shall remain nameless take Vitamin D, but not quite as high IU. Now the IOM has just raised the recommendation. The recommendation is here and because I now understand what they have done, I am still upset. The IOM level is still only a maintenance level to prevent deficiency only.

Doctor William Davis did an excellent task of pointing this out and referring to another Doctor about the topic of vitamin D. Dr. Davis also refers to another website about vitamin D. So like me, you have your reading ahead, but I feel that you will better understand the need for vitamin D and the levels suggested.

I am not sure of where to suggest starting your reading, but I would start with the recommendation above and then read three of the blogs by David Mendosa. Blog 1, Blog 2, and Blog 3. Or if you want to read more later go to the main site and use the search tool that he has on his time and type in vitamin D.

Next I would suggest reading the blog by Dr. Davis here. Then follow the links he has in this blog. Finally, read this by Dr. John Cannell.

I have to appreciate these bloggers for using common sense in recommending higher levels of Vitamin D that the IOM. It is discouraging to realize than the IOM just recognizes the minimum levels to prevent deficiency and not giving us levels for optimal health which could be set as a range – deficiency prevention to optimal health.

I find that the doctors recognize that about 30 minutes in the sun gives us about 10,000 IU of vitamin D. They also recognize that vitamin D is a hormone that was miss identified but important enough that the term vitamin has been left in place. So when they mention taking 5000 IU this is not out of line.

However, most physicians only see the recommendations of the IOM and get upset with us when they find out the number of IU we are taking. I do feel fortunate that my endocrinologist is knowledgeable and even suggests higher levels during the winter that I am currently taking.

I suggest bookmarking the reference links if this topic is of interest to you. Links in other blogs mention above but not listed by me yet include: link 1 and link 2.

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