December 1, 2010

Diabetes Awareness Month Ended

I am not sad to say good bye to this month. Some good projects were started, but at the same time a lot of money was flushed down the drain not benefiting anyone with diabetes and certainly not educating the general public.

What we need is a year-round effort to put diabetes education front and center to the nation and the world. We don't need anymore wasting money on blue lights and the electricity that lit them. This money could have been better spent on some one page advertisements (or even half-page ads) explaining the difference between the types of diabetes and educating a lot more people than lighting a few buildings.

While many people liked seeing the buildings lighted in blue, the people that understood the meaning were those that already know much of the differences between the types of diabetes. They also know about diabetes because they have this disease.

Therefore, I would like to challenge my fellow bloggers to think seriously about finding out whether their local newspapers accept columns written by them about diabetes. Some will even put them in the health section while others will put them on the opinion page. Most local newspapers will not pay for this, but this should not stop you from trying to educate their readers.

My local paper accepts letters to the editor or columns written for the Health section. After the new year, I will be submitting a monthly column for the Health section. While this will not bring me any money, at least I feel that I will be able to help educate people about diabetes in my small corner of the world.

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