September 27, 2010

Natural treatments for diabetes. (Not a cure) Part 4

Because of some of the problems and people that won't read labels or follow their doctors directions, I feel that the following is in order for all natural remedies.

The following information is for your reading and is not a cure. I am not endorsing any of these herbs, supplements, or natural remedies.

This is important!!! WARNING If you are taking supplements or anything that is not prescribed by the doctor, please make sure that the doctor is informed. Some of the supplements when taken with oral medications and/or insulin can cause hypoglycemia or have toxic results, even cause death.

This is important enough to tell you to maintain a Supplement Diary of every herb, vitamin, and supplement you are taking and give a copy to your doctor. I am aware that many people do not feel this is important, but the consequences for persons with diabetes can have severe medical implications.

This discussion is about natural treatments known as Naturopathy. This is a system of healing (not curing) in which diseases are assisted by natural remedies. I am not sure I agree with their reasoning, but I do find it interesting. I find their claims not backed by science, however, while they do claim a multitude of healing, some may have short-term benefits and very little is likely to cause serious harm, except make your wallet lighter.

Then they start to make some sense when they say that the various type of natural methods – normally the natural method aims at educating people about adopting the type of lifestyle which promotes good health.

First is treatment based on nutrition and diet in which the dietitian decides a menu for healthy diet for diabetic patients. You may read about this here.

The next discussion is about hydrotherapy. This I can understand and agree that there can be some very real benefits for type 2 diabetes. Just the relaxation can reduce stress since it is done in hot tubs of various sizes and shapes.

Then they cover detoxification. Short periods of fasting, controlled diets, and supplements to help the body rid itself of toxic substances. This is then followed by methods to control and reduce stress.

The next item of natural treatment takes some gumption. I am not sure that I can handle mud therapy. Read about it yourself down the page on the first link above.

Massage is something that I have had done to me by my wife, and it is very relaxing, reducing stress and relaxing muscles. Here there may be some short-term benefits when the person giving the massage can do the many types of massage. The deeper manual techniques can really assist in helping the body relax.

Herbal medicines has been around for years and have some minor benefits. I also have my doubts about chromotherapy. I know people believe in color therapy and the use of certain colors for enticing people to eat and for other functions, but I still have my doubts.

There are many other web sites selling home remedies which doubtfully will not do anything other than make your wallet lighter or drain your bank account.

While some of the home concoctions do contain some of the herbs and spices in the first two blogs (Part 1 & 2), they are not FDA approved and manufactured in often less than ideal or sanitary conditions and with little or no quality control.

There are many more articles, blogs, and snake oil advertisements, but these are basically repeats of the information I have given you. Most do not warn of the side effects or medication conflicts that can occur. Most do not encourage or even advise you to talk to your doctor before taking. Those I would advise strongly against using.

This will be the final in this series for now. Part 4 of 4.

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