September 14, 2010

Mayo Clinic has entered the Social Media Arena

This is a big one folks! I don't normally follow the Mayo Clinic that closely, but I do read one area, the Expert Blog under Diabetes.

On Monday the 13th, Scott Johnson wrote about the Mayo Clinic entering the social media. This link takes you to it. Thank you Scott. And they are not doing social media small time. This is big time!

Now I want to hear what the doctors have to say. Most will ignore you while they grimace big time. They don't want to hear it. Now they had better listen when the Mayo Clinic gets running full time and full out. Their mission statement is pretty bold and all encompassing.

The official opening is scheduled for September to coincide with Mayo's hosting of its second Social Media Summit in collaboration with Ragan Communications, September 27 to 29 at the Mayo Clinic's Jacksonville, Florida campus. However, it is up and usable now.

This is one website that I will need to check on a regular basis as there are many directions it could expand. Take time to explore the home page and what they are already involved in on YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, and other areas. This is below the video. Explore the entire website!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks Bob! I do hope that many places take note and follow suit. Time will tell, right?

Bob Fenton said...

I hope so Scott! When I read your blog, I thought it necessary to check the site out and let as many people know as I could. I have had two emails thus far that are very positive. I am hoping a few of the medical blogs also make mention of this.

The list of organizations participating in their conference is very impressive.

One med blog made mention by saying "oh no". Not what I wanted so see. Another blog for MS made mention of your blog and what it could mean for them.

Keep up the good news.

The poor diabetic said...

Its good to see social media permeating these channels it just shows that companies are getting the importance of individual input for many of the important processes and I sure do wanna know what the doctors and experts have to say. I will definitely check out the website. thanks to you bob and scott