July 15, 2010

What would or should one do?

This question came up recently about a product that has been written about by another blogger. Don't get me wrong, the blogger did an excellent piece about this product and has great interest in it.  I have been in email contact with the company and I like the idea and the high potential usefulness of the product, but doubt I will ever need it, but who knows.

The product is about 30 months, give or take a few months, from FDA approval. So here is the question.  Do I write about it or wait until it comes on the market?  I am looking for responses whether they are positive or negative.

On the one side, this is a much needed product and will definitely have its place in the market, once it gets past the Federal Drug Administration and their crazy bureaucracy. The negative is that will not happen within 12 or 18 months, but more like 30 months.

This will be an important product for anyone with diabetes that is on insulin.  And yes, I am on insulin.  Have I been in a situation where I would have needed the product? Truthfully, no.  Do I see myself ever needing this product?  Again, no.  Have I ever come close to needing this product?  Here, I need to answer yes.  I admit that the situation could arise, but as careful as I am, the lessons I have learned, and my body has always told me what needs to be done before things get out of hand.  Fortunate, yes, I am.

There are several sides to writing about a product in the development stage that I am trying to resolve in my mind. Before giving any more information, I would like your thoughts, please.


Brenda F. Bell said...

Often, when one is given information on a product that is in development, one is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the developers' interests. Obviously, if you have received information with the expectation of confidentiality, you must honor that.

At other times, one is given pre-release information as part of the marketing effort -- the aim is to build up a groundswell of demand for that product.

We have seen a number of in-development products from smaller companies (think "Solo pump") get swallowed up by larger companies (in some cases, to stop those products from ever getting to market; in others, to bring needed technological expertise in-house). Other products don't get to market because of the costs of going through the regulatory process (think "Pelican lancet device").

If you do decide that it is correct to write about this product, remember to let folk know that it's not yet available, give them a link to the product's marketing department to get on a mailing list to find out more as it becomes available, and don't give out anything that could be considered a company secret.

Bob Fenton said...


Since there was no disclosure agreement as part of the email and my email address from the blog was used, I have to assume that the hope is to build demand for the product, or to get another company interested in acquiring it. I was sent two website addresses about the product as well.

From a bloggers standpoint, while I may write about some products, I can't honestly say that I like to write about products when it is this far in the future and nothing has been presented to FDA.

I like your points and I do think it is best just to sit on the sidelines and watch what happens. If you want, you may email me at the blog email and I will provide links to the blog already written and the web sites.