September 2, 2009

An Open Challenge to Diabetes Bloggers

I have a feeling that is hard to rationally put in writing.  That is it reason for the open challenge to all bloggers that write about diabetes.

When people are justified in their feelings, whether positive or when a cause for indignation is right,  some writers seem to feel that the use of profanity is justified.  I disagree.  Most of us are not journalists by occupation or training, but we still should know better.

As such, I have to quote Kerri Morrone Sparling in her blog of September 1, 2009.  What she was writing made my blood pressure rise as well.  Her writing was about just cause and case of discrimination that made me sit up and take notice.  The title is "No Moral Lifeguard on Duty?".  Her opening paragraph is and I quote  

"I'm refraining from using the words that are REALLY flying around in my head regarding this discrimination issue.  But believe me, Yosemite Sam ain't got nothin' on me this morning.  My whole brain is "frick-a-frackin' ...""

The tone is easy to understand and the point is made.  No profanity is used and the message is still positive.  If you have not read it, it is well worth following the link "September 1, 2009" above.

Back to the challenge.  We are writing about diabetes.  This topic alone brings up all types of negative connotations,  discrimination, mis-information, etc..  And to the individual diagnosed, anger, frustration, and denial to name a few feelings encountered by the person.

So why, when bloggers are writing about diabetes, do we have to add to the negative side by the use of profanity.  There are other ways of showing our displeasure and disapproval without adding to the down side of diabetes.  Our readers need to be told the facts, need encouragement, and often support to help them when they are down.  We as bloggers also need a shot of encouragement from time to time.

So on that, I leave this subject and hope that it encourages you as a blogger about diabetes to be more positive in your writings.

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