January 14, 2017

Health Is Everything – Update

A few months ago, I would not have given this a second thought, even with type 2 diabetes. Now it is part of my everyday thoughts and wondering how to improve my health.

I said an update would be coming and it is time. I am working on typing with both hands and am having more success. I do need to work at having my arm in the right position and keeping it there. I seldom have a lot of pain doing this, but pain is still there in a dull presence.

The physical therapy that I am getting at our local hospital is helping and I have no I idea how long I will need it. I cannot move my arm a lot in many directions beyond a certain limit, but the exercises are helping and seem to be working in reducing the muscle pain in my upper arm and shoulder. I feel fortunate for every little success.

The one time when pain is up is getting up in the morning. I apparently do something during the night that is irritating my shoulder and I have to work for some time to get the muscle back where it works with my arm and not against my arm. During the day, I can move my arm the wrong way and up goes the pain and then I need to work the arm a few minutes to move the muscle back to where it works properly.

My prostate is undergoing radiation and the PSA has dropped a few points, but still is above where is should be. I have not had some of the common problems that we are warned about, but it is still early and I have about six weeks of radiation to go.

I am not driving now to my appointments and not driving is a relief. The appointments are earlier and I am home earlier than when driving myself. I have been told that it is common for people undergoing radiation to become tired and should not drive.

I will try to post more at a later date when things may change that are worth telling. I have been surprised at my positive attitude through all of this. Yes, I can sound otherwise when explaining some of the problems with my shoulder and the muscles, but during therapy the staff ask specific questions and know the limits that my arm can move.

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